Send Files

It is possible to send files via Web to be printed.
Please, read carefully following instructions before sending.

What are the best file to be printed?
To realize the proper flow of print, we need file in .TIFF format at 300dpi resolution with closed layers. However, to avoid any problems, we suggest to send the same file in two formats: 1)in .TIFF format (with closed layers and final photo edits) and 2) in .RAW / .NEF / .RAF formats (that is the original file to use in case of problems with file .TIFF)

Is it possible to send and print file in .JPEG format?
Yes, it is. However it is highly recommended to make available the original photo file

How to send file(s)?

  • 1. Go to our WeTransfer page
  • 2. Attach your file for the upload
  • 3. In the text box, please specify your NAME, LAST NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL, and your specific request for print.
    (You can also email or call +39 3334688878 in Lab opening hours)
  • 4. Click on Submit

What happens after submitting file?
Once analysing file(s), the Lab will contact you to communicate process schedule and method of payment.
It will be available the on-line payment via PayPal service.

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