Fine Art Print is a workflow
from the click to the print.

Pre-visualization and photo shoots

The advent of digital cameras has totally transformed the parameters of accessibility, diffusion, management and aesthetics of photography.

Nowadays photographers, both professionals and amateurs, are hardly able to “pre-visualize” their images on the print paper.

Conversely, knowing the type of paper on which we are going to print our pictures helps to enhance the photo shoot phase and to better handle the digital negative.

The file enhancement phase

The best Fine Art print depends not only on the use of refined papers and best technology printers, but also on the whole printing process, starting from the digital file, properly adjusted and optimized for being printed. Too often it happens that the high technology used to take pictures is nullified by incorrect post production which is done on non-calibrated monitors.

In order to perform the best Fine Art prints, a professional printer must be able to translate the guidelines of the photographer in order to enhance the images as best as he can before printing.

The print media evaluation

Although nowadays we feel the necessity to visualize digital pictures on electronic devices and monitors, the main essence of photography is still bound to the print media on which it is impressed. The quality of the so called digital Fine Art prints gives a tangible consistency and a sort of “moral” and body truth to the electronic pulse: that's how the idea turns into product and becomes art.

Certified quality

In order to get high quality prints, the combination of Epson printer machines with Canson® Infinity papers is fundamental.

In the field of Arts, the Fine Art print is a process able to satisfy two main parameters required by the standards: quality and longevity. In order to prevent the oxidation process due to air and light, the print needs to be done on Total Acid Free (TAF) and Total Clorine Free (TCF) papers, certified according to the standard ISO 9706. We only use papers of Canson® Infinity brand, which entirely respects these features.