Our Certifications

Canson Infinity Certifications

Canson Infinity Certified Print Lab is the international certification that guarantees the "high quality" standard of the work of the printing plants (Photo Laboratories) while ensuring compliance with technical criteria during audits conducted in each laboratory.

The Canson Infinity experts have visited and audited our Laboratory to declare the compliance with the criteria required for certification. The Canson Infinity Certified Print Lab certification covers all Fine Art print processes for accredited printers using Canson Infinity paper. This programme - launched in 2015 - aims at maintaining excellence in order to foster consumers’ choices toward a quality print Lab approved by Canson Infinity.

Our Lab has been accredited with the Canson Infinity Certified Print Lab certification since January 2017, among the top four in Italy and the only one in Florence and in the entire Tuscany.

Lory Digital Fine Art Lab Certification

Since September 2015, our Lab provides authors with a self-certification declaring that the produced print has been realized in full compliance with the technical requirements at the “state of the art”:

  • use of specific techniques for the digital color management and conformity
  • use of calibrated hardware monitors
  • creation and use of color profiles customized for the ink-jet print via RIP
  • use of professional software for development and post-production of digital images
  • use of Just Normlicht GmbH - Visor for ideal reflection ideal for standard light D50 technology. This allows uniform illumination on all the area, without the creation of reflexes.
  • storage of the digital files up to 24 months from the issue date of certification. Use of professional systems for the electronic storage

The Lory Digital Fine Art Certification aims at ensuring the author and purchasers of his/her works the full clarity of the workflow applied.