Lory is a family-run business begun in 1962 in the center of Florence in P.zza Frescobaldi, c/o Ponte S.Trinità, as a toy shop, stationery and bookshop. In 1966, the store was totally wrecked by the famous Arno river flood. Two years later, the business started again and became specialized in the earlier techniques of print and copy. Thanks to its proximity to Palazzo Pitti, cradle of the Italian fashion, we further specialized in graphic arts and Fine Art. Today we also provide all the support items for information technology.

The store features 150 square metres of floor area and three show windows. It provides the best products for office supplies, Fine Arts and IT. We also own a big warehouse where we keep all the product stocks in order to fulfill any requirement from our customers. Our Copy Store uses the highest technology available for both digital and traditional copies.
Website: www.lory.net

Our Printer

Our goal is to create technically perfect Fine Art prints. This is the reason our printer examines the piece making sure of its quality and faithfulness to the requested colour.

Every work is elaborated, printed and refined one by one by an artisan that, thanks to the continuous communication with the artist can create unique pieces.